• Chiropractic

    Just as the spine is a source from which neck and back pain originates, chiropractic treatment is a trusted source of relief for millions of patients each year.
  • Sports Rehabilitation

    What’s unique about OSC is their dedication to strength and conditioning beyond pain relief.
  • Wellness

    A thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Get started on your path to wellness today.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is based on a simple assumption that our bodies can and will heal themselves. But we have to understand that decisions that we make on a daily basis can and will affect our body’s ability to express health or something less than optimum health (disease).

Chiropractic focuses primarily on structure and function. A Chiropractor analyzes the body exactly the same way an engineer or an architect analyzes and appreciates a skyscraper or a fine European sports car . . .

Meet The Patients

Austin L.
Austin L.“Better training gave me improved results.”
After training with Dr. LeRoux for a solid few months, including Olympic lifting lessons, I kept benefitting from his seemingly endless knowledge. It was a different type of training that gave me better results.
Liz V.
Liz V.“He gave me back my life.”
I credit Dr. LeRoux for giving me my life back. I’m working out again, doing yoga, running, bike riding and more.
Scott Bean
Scott Bean“I now know the value of wellness.”
Relief didn’t come in a pill, nor did it arrive overnight. But by the time I returned to the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. LeRoux helped me turn a corner. I no longer experienced pain. My arm and hand were returning to normal.

Meet the Chiropractors

Client Wellness Workshops

Chiropractic Solutions

  • Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation

    Back in the game and better than ever

    At Ocean State Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation we specialize in chiropractic, rehabilitation prevention of sports-related injuries, and offer the most advanced performance services available today.

    Whether helping a high school basketball player or an Olympic figure skater our team helps athletes of all ages and abilities get back to doing what they love- and do it better than ever.

  • Injury Prevention

    If you think chiropractors simply “crack” backs, you’re not alone. Michael LeRoux, D.C., of Ocean State Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation, is accustomed to hearing this misconception.

    “Chiropractors who are trained in muscle work, such as Active Release Technique (ART), are probably the best manual therapists for preventing injury and optimizing performance,” says LeRoux. “That’s why there’s always a chiropractor on Olympic and professional sports teams.”

    For athletes, chiropractic can be used for injury prevention because it emphasizes proper alignment of the spine and pelvis. The most common sports-related injuries LeRoux sees in his patients, which range from recreational runners to Olympians and New Marathon winners, are plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, IT Band Syndrome, patella (knee) tracking problems and hip bursitis.

  • Work Place Wellness

    The pursuit for innovative ways to keep employees engaged in wellness programs is more important than ever before. At Ocean State Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation we offer a variety of on-site workplace wellness programs. All programs can be custom designed to meet your specific workplace wellness needs. Common program outcomes include:

    • Increase employees range of motion & core strength
    • Prevent workplace injuries
    • Improve overall physical health
    • Educate employees in proper lifting & weight transfer techniques
  • Weight Training For Injury Prevention

    The benefits of weight & resistance training in both competitive and recreational athletes have been well documented over the past 20 years. Improvements in muscle strength and power, increase in muscle size, and improvement in sports performance are common benefits resulting from training programs. In addition, proper weight and resistance training has also been suggested to reduce the risk for musculoskeletal injuries, or perhaps reduce the severity of such injury. At Ocean State Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation Center we offer Team3, an Olympic Style weight and resistance training facility. All training is conducted in a team setting – Chiropractior/ trainer/ athlete.

  • Advanced Rehabilitation

    At Ocean State Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation we focus on providing the highest quality Chiropractic and advanced rehabilitation services. Our staff includes highly-trained professionals that serve as a bridge between injury and recovery to help patients get back to pre-injury status as quickly as possible. Advance Rehab offers complete clinical services for diagnosing, treating and improving problems related to:

    • Orthopedic Injuries
    • Neurological Injuries
    • Job Related Injuries
    • Pain Syndromes
    • Sports Related Injuries

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