Just how important is proper posture for your overall health? Research shows that it is every bit as important as exercising, getting the right amount of sleep and eating right. It is also as positive for your health as avoiding drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

If good posture is great for your body and longevity, poor posture can be downright dangerous and painful. Take a look at these 7 long-term risks of poor posture, and you will find yourself consciously sitting and standing straighter and taller.

Constant fatigue

Poor posture wears you down. You constantly feel tired, and out of energy. That is because your muscles have to work harder to support your body when your posture is not correct. You inefficiently burn energy simply by moving, and this can lead to a consistently tired feeling.

Joint pain and stiffness

 Degenerative osteoarthritis is the fancy medical term for arthritis that comes from years of wear and tear. Limited activity and years of poor posture have been linked to the joint pain and stiffness which comes from degenerative osteoarthritis.

Back pain

 Your body is an amazing machine. It actually begins to change your musculature and ligaments to promote whatever posture you consistently practice. This means that multiple back problems can arise from years of bad posture, because your spine and back muscles have been slowly realigned in an unhealthy position.

A tight, aching neck

As we just discussed, poor posture can cause excruciating back pain. And it can also negatively affect your neck. Ask anyone who works a sedentary job in front of a computer how their neck feels at the end of most days. Then imagine how that pain is magnified after suffering from poor posture over a lifetime.

Permanently damaged muscles

Years of poor posture can negatively stretch or lengthen your muscles. In some cases, the muscles affected by your poor posture no longer function properly, and cannot be repaired.

A weakened lung capacity

A lifetime of bad posture is directly related to decreased lung capacity. When you do not create the proper amount of oxygen to push out to all your body parts, you can suffer a myriad of health problems due to poor circulation.


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