Dr. Michael Leroux, chiropractor rhode island


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Just as the spine is a source from which neck and back pain originate, chiropractic treatment is a trusted source of relief for millions of patients each year. Some choose this natural approach to overall health and wellness because it is less invasive, drug-free and more conservative than surgery or other options. But the best reason of all to pursue chiropractic treatment is that it gets results by correcting the underlying causes of many conditions.

At Ocean State Chiropractic, we are a medically-based practice, firmly rooted in science. Following comprehensive examinations, including advanced diagnostic testing, we create customized plans of care to treat and manage a wide array of neuro-musculoskeletal complaints. In addition to performing therapeutic procedures called spinal adjustment or chiropractic manipulation, Dr. Michael LeRoux and his staff provide individualized therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise to meet unique patients’ needs.

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