Doctor Michael LeRoux Dr.

Michael LeRoux, BS, BSc, DC I Clinical Director
“Go from a pain paradigm to a fitness paradigm”

Dr. Michael LeRoux built his career helping others achieve personal growth through his unique methodologies. After over a decade of working with world-class athletes and Olympic medalists, Dr. LeRoux earned the reputation of being one of the leading Sports Rehab physicians and Chiropractors in the U.S. With his expertise, Dr. LeRoux built successful clinical practices in Chicago, Virginia, Rhode Island and San Diego. Through his clinics he has spent years treating both athletes and non-athletes alike in their pursuits for optimal fitness with his innovative team-based treatments. Through his practice, Dr. LeRoux learned that in addition to healing his patients physically, he also could help their emotional well-being for overall wellness. He found that the right combination of tough love, positive reinforcement and coaching could literally turn people’s lives around.

Since then, Dr. LeRoux has developed an acclaimed radio program (airing on Clear Channel radio stations throughout the west coast) called RAGERadio. The all male call-in show truly offers men a place to be heard and to share camaraderie with one another as they work through the issues they are facing. The show has a huge following and listeners are part of a real “band of brothers.”

Dr. LeRoux has also traveled the country on the speaking circuit, spreading his philosophy that one can take responsibility for his own life, including mental and physical health, to achieve complete wellness. Through all of his experience, Dr. LeRoux has seen the powerful impact camaraderie and teamwork has had on men and their well-being, and this has been the founding principle for Man-Up.

Through his success with RAGERadio, Dr. LeRoux founded RAGEWorks – the non-profit arm of RAGERadio. RAGEWorks is a forum for men, similar to the concept of Alcoholics Anonymous but, addictions are not a prerequisite. Men and women can visit the site to get resources & information on dealing with men’s rage and anger issues.

Dr. LeRoux is extensively media trained and has been featured as an expert by many national media outlets including Men’s Fitness, Exercise for Men, Natural Bodybuilding, Health, and Family Health, as well as on Fox TV, NBCi and in several books on Health and Wellness.