• Train Smarter, Not Harder!.

    "You have been training hard at the gym, yet not seeing any gains. You feel lethargic, can't sleep, can't concentrate, can't remember things and may be feeling depressed. Worst of all, you can't get a good pump. Chances are, your current routine just isn't working for you."

  • Build Big Muscles On The Job.

    "Even when your schedule gets hectic, there are ways to get in a good workout without ever setting foot inside a gym."
    By Meaghan Shea, C.P.T
    Reprinted with Permission


    "'Bones are alive and constantly under construction, as well as demolition,' says Michael LeRoux, MS, DC, founder of Ocean State Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation in Providence, Rhode Island."

    By Carrie Myers Smith
    Reprinted with Permission